About Us

Hi, my name’s Charlotte, the very proud pawrent of Indi the golden girl otherwise known as the inspiration for ‘The INDI COFFEE Box’!

It all began with a small cake business which I started when I was 18, making celebration cakes, wedding cakes and then supplying to a coffee shop. I began working in the coffee shop as well and the delicious scent of coffee drew me in… I was hooked and so ‘The INDI COFFEE Box’ was born.

Having recently retired, I decided my parents had far too much spare time on their hands and I could definitely help relieve them of that little problem, so our family business was launched, where the baby is the boss… sort of…

For information on how to book or any queries about the services we can offer, please get in touch;

Email: hello@theindicoffeebox.co.uk

Tel: 07891 807604

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